Undressing From Spring To Summer

It's cold, its hot... How are you ever meant to pick an outfit? We've got into that indecisive, don't know what to wear stage where getting dressed becomes a far more daunting task as it's coming to the end of Spring and Summer is on its way, but the weather won't make up its mind. In other words, it's transition season. A time when you can make a break out of heavy knits and big coats that you've lived in for months and bounce into flouncy dresses and two piece co-ords either trousers, shorts or skirts.

So how can we make the shift both comfy and stylish?  While it might be tempting to consider a total wardrobe revamp and buy a whole load of new summer wear, keep in mind that with some strategic styling your favourite spring items can be repurposed for cooler climates. When the outside conditions are uncertain, the trick is to invest in crucial items that can be worn both on their own or layered in the months ahead.

Here are some suggestions of pieces to wear that could help you through the tricky transition between Spring and Summer.

On cooler days a pair of wide leg trousers can be paired with an the off-shoulder top or if you are brave enough, a bralet for an airy feel but keep them in mind for the cooler days too when they can be worn with a loose- fitting shirt or half tucked in knit.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colours. Wear colours that make you feel good about yourself as I have stated in previous blogs colours represent emotions. Summer 2018 colours are not only bright but also bold and really quite beautiful. Every colour has a meaning so don't be afraid to wear bright colours and embrace it. Catch my blog where we share the love of denim.



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