Sporty Is Every Day

Hey! Have you noticed that sportswear have hit the streets as an everyday or informal fashion. When you say the word sportswear what do you think of? I think of a sweaty black vest top with a pair of tight lycra leggings and would only be seen in the gym wearing them. But in fact thanks to celebrities jumping in their sports wear to be seen keeping fit, gives us the opportunity to wear more sports line clothing as an everyday casual piece.

Think patterned leggings, joggers or crop trousers in place of skinny jeans, and a crop top or vest top instead of a baggy t-shirt styled with trainers. With so much choice of footwear, are we really surprised that it’s becoming an everyday comfort?

People want to look good even when working out so that is why sportswear is worn out of the gym too. I have found Sportswear is a 'quick fix' quick and easy especially when you wake up in the morning and need to find something to wear without to much thought.

Sports brands are offered in fast fashion brands such as H&M (Swedish retailer) and Topshop ( British retailer) both have their own sports departments and have launched active wear. Trends shift more to comfort-driven style, sportswear brands and are more popular than ever for their clothing. The popularity of sportswear is not only because it looks good but because it feels good. I know I wear my sportswear out of the gym!

Do you wear your sportswear as everyday fashion? 



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