We set the date, 15th April 2018 to christen our baby boy and welcome him into the Greek Orthodox Church. I must admit I can get stressed quite easy. I started making lists and who I needed to book, next was the guest list and to order the invites.

At this point you start arguing with the other half as you both want to invite everyone but you can't because it will end up like a big fat greek wedding. Luckily my husband is an events organiser so I left the big stuff to him such as the venue etc. I then had to book the cake lady, find a child entertainer and centre pieces for the tables.

By this time I started to feel more at ease because everything seemed to fall into place. Once everything was booked, I could then focus on the important things such as 'MY OUTFIT', now this is my kind of organising because we all know its about the outfit, right?  

Firstly I thought what colour would I like to wear because to me colour expresses your emotions and always has a meaning. So something fresh and comfortable but also elegant at the same time is what I was thinking. I thought to wear blue because it represents trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven and intelligence. It also has positive effects on the mind and the body. Perfect!!!

I decided for us all to wear some form of blue. When I was searching for my outfit I decided I didn't want to wear a dress because it was such a long day and I wanted to feel comfortable so I searched and came across jumpsuits, two pieces top and trousers, but nothing was fixating so I left it for a couple weeks. Then I found my outfit which was a two piece high waisted trouser with blazer jacket from Lavish Alice. I love two piece clothing especailly if they are co-ordinates. What I loved about it was the one side off the shoulder, very classy but sexy at the same time and very feminine.

I finally ordered it but something was stressing me out! Baring in mind it had only been 4 months since I had the baby so my body still wasn't in the right shape and this was playing on my mind. But it came and I loved it. I accessorised with silver and silver perspex sandals from Hiddenfashion at this point I felt so happy because my outfit was complete.

I wanted to be a little different and unique with my hair, so I asked my hairdresser @xhairbyzarax if she had any ideas. She came across @natalieannehair on instagram as she was inspired by her style and to her perfection she created it for me.

After all the running around and trying to get everything organised for the actual day, the stress was all worth it for my little man. I have so many pictures of the event to show you. Everything looked lovely and the day went so well, you can see with your own eyes.


FashionlifeForward X


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