Rebellious Denim

I hear people all the time saying "I can't find the right jeans to suit me" and they find it daunting when shopping for jeans. But NOT me!!

I wear jeans quite a lot. I love the fact that there are so many styles you can choose to fit almost any occasion and situation from casual boyfriend jeans to cool mom jeans, to sleek skinnies jeans. My favourite jeans at the moment are my Rebellious Fashion mom jeans and my black misguided mom jeans. Love that they are so versatile as I can wear a trendy t-shirt to a more formal shirt and it still works with my style. 

A pair of denim trousers are great for instantly updating your trans-seasonal wardrobe. I have so many different styles of denim jeans and colours just to give me those different looks so I don’t feel I always look the same. 

The fits of our jeans depend completely on our body shapes and what suits or flatters that, so not all trends work for everyone. Denim can be quite like an art, our personal taste in washes and detailing depends on personalities and thats what I love about wearing denim so much.

Love a denim jacket whether plain or embellished as it's so diverse and you can wear on a cooler night over anything.  

As Elle magazine said ' The latest in romantic dressing is denim'. So diverse you can wear with any kind of top from a strappy vest, shirt, to a brave bralet. Catch me on my next blog where I will be sharing my obsession on two piece co-ords and a bit of perspex..



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