A childhood dream can become an adults reality!

Growing up as a Greek Cypriot girl in the Uk was quite hard even though I was born in the Uk. Coming from a cultural back ground where the girls had to by no means keep a good reputation by literally being wrapped up in cotton wool from the second they were born to the second they die! Otherwise you would be tarnished. The boys! Well that's a different story they were encouraged to go and spread their wings which was a big must! Things have evolved dramatically as parenting has changed so much from the 80's and 90's. Anyway's!

When I was about 14 years old I was working in my dads fish and chip shop twice a week after school. He told me I had to work because I thought money grew from trees! Well I actually did think this. I had no concept of how hard they were working to give my siblings and I everything. I started working and I did this until I was 18 years of age after school and college.

One day this lady came into the shop and said to my dad "I would love your daughter to model in my magazine". I got all excited, imagine being 14 years old and somebody asking this question?

To cut a long story short he said "no" and I realised after so many years it was only because he was protecting me from the big wide world. At the time I just thought great boring life, boring chip shop, boring everything.

I did go to college then onto university and became a primary school teacher which was one of my biggest goals and I achieved it. This job made me a mature individual, I felt myself growing in every way. I gained a sense of confidence as I was in the big wide world all by myself and it was me making all the decisions and it was me creating everything to get to where I was.

But the main reason I am telling you this story is because after so many years I think I was about 24 years of age I was standing in Greggs buying my lunch and this man asked me if I would be interested in modelling as he was doing a project. At first I thought cheese ball!!!!!!!

But the lady with him explained how they worked etc and I liked the idea. Again something different as I was always up for new adventures. How ironic hey!!!!!!!!!

So I started doing different types of work from photoshoots, catwalk shows and just modelling for advertisers bearing in mind it had to be in the school holidays as I didn't want to effect my main job. The only problem was I lacked confidence in myself and I guess growing up it was drummed into us What will they say? What will they think? because of this I missed out on so many opportunities. So I stopped and just focused on my day job which was teaching.

Anyway lets push forward so many years and now I am in my 30's having two children, married, mortgage you know normality stuff. So I gave birth to my son Panayiotis who is now 17 months.Basically I nearly died after giving birth to him and I will write about this another time in more detail to support anyone who has been through the same. But at this point in time I thought about everything and one thing was me not pursuing modelling came to mind I realised why wasn't I confident? Why do I care what people would say especially when I am doing nothing wrong? I promised myself I would achieve things especially goals that I had from young. So when I recovered I started taking pictures/selfies of my outfits and I thought yeah can do this bearing in mind while I was recovering in hospital I was ordering clothes from some of my favourite online shops. My mom kept saying to me "oh a parcels came for you today" and this would really excite me. So can you see my love of clothes made me happy.

The morale of this story is basically if you want something and you let it go eventually it will come back to you whether today, tomorrow in 10 years. Sometimes we have to go through something to make us realise how much we want something.Not one person can stop that something from happening. Also realised that every move, decision we make could be easing us towards the end result of what we wanted in the first place. So never give up and always have hope, determination and believe in yourself.

Thank you



Summary - My main message from todays blog is:

  • A childhood goal can become a reality.

  • It's never to late.

  • I am the creator.

  • Every situation made me stronger.

A few pictures that I could find from back in the day.

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