Hi there, I am Claire British born Cypriot living in the UK - woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, blogger etc. I have so many roles that I have to live up too and want to flourish in them. About 5 years ago my husband and I decided to start a family now I am a full time mother of two vibrant children who I love unconditionally Kiriaki aged 4 years and Panayiotis aged 9 months.

Being a mother has changed me, it has given me an inner peace and confidence. I am ready to show my confidence and style to the world. As a child I was one of four girls and we would play dress up and go into our mothers wardrobe and put outfits together from shoes, clothes and even jewellery. As a child I admired my mothers sense of fashion and I am grateful to her for letting me have my own sense of style which she let me play with and never once put down. I now believe this is why I have an eye for the things that I like. 

I enjoy being surrounded by, and wearing beautiful things. Styles and looks are my kind of communication, an expression of femininity, a way to find, loose and rediscover myself. As much as I admire style I love to play with words and I like to express myself through quotes that give meaning for people to learn from and progress our own personality. Fashionlifeforward is a reflection of my world and an inspiration for strong woman out there. Despite their versatile life roles and challenges, perseveres in their personality and style. Never give up what you love to do but smile to the serious side of life.  Always be grateful for everything you have.

Fashion and style have no price tag it is something that is expressive within yourself. I am so excited to show you my fashion, style, my creative side and my life and how it is always moving forward. It's a journey come and join me!